True Food is
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True Food is

True Food is

True Food is...

Good for YOU

Includes foods that are fresh, high quality, and minimally processed.
Consists of locally grown products which taste great and are packed with nutrients.
Offers increase in natural fibers and other nutrients while decreasing caloric intake.
Reduces saturated fats, added sugars, and moderates starchy vegetables.
Reduces marketing of energy-dense foods and beverages.
Provides choice which reinforces moderated consumption in all food groups.

Good for the ENVIRONMENT

Conservation of soil, water, and energy resources.
Protection of wildlife habitat.
Reduced and responsible use of pesticides.
Reduction and recycling of waste.
As locally-based as possible, therefore minimizing transportation costs and fossil fuel use.
Diversity of crops and animals.

Good for the COMMUNITY

Provides safe and fair working conditions for farm workers.
Ensures that farm workers are paid a fair wage.
Is economically viable for growers and consumers.
Involves the humane treatment of animals.
Supports responsible land development.
Ensures quality control and food handling safety.
Provides a sense of place.
It's a good investment in the future.
Endorsement of an American tradition.