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Taste Test Archive

Tic Tac Taco Salad

Taste tests on March 4, 5 & 6th were a big success!
Thank you to the 29 participating schools, over 50 volunteers, and 15,000 students who tried the salad. And don't forget to submit your ideas for the Poster Contest!
Recipe Card Home-sized version of the recipe
Taste Test Poster Poster announcing the taste test
Outreach Blurbs P.A. Announcements, Robocall Language, and Newsletter blurbs to help schools spread the word about the taste test
Themed Mini-Lessons Math/Science and English/History lesson ideas and curriculum tie-ins that link to the taste test recipe and ingredients
Everything You Need to Know Info sheet for volunteers, staff or students who helped out with the taste test
“I enjoyed seeing the students trying new foods and enjoying the salad and even some students asked for seconds. I think everything runs really smoothly. I like that it focuses on everyone trying something new. When they see something new in the salad bar, they aren't as inclined to try it, but when everyone has one, they'll take it.” – Teacher 
“Great work--this is a fantastic program and it is so fun to see young people try new, healthy foods with enthusiasm.” – Chef Council Member
“I loved how excited the kids we to try something new! When they are excited it makes me more excited knowing they are open to trying fresh real food. No I did not find it unclear or confusing and I thought it went very smoothly.” – Volunteer 
“Excellent as always -- very easy to prepare and set up. Volunteers were great! Nice to network with community organizations. We had school staff prepare all the samples ahead of time that morning so when the volunteers came, they could focus just on passing them out and speaking to the students. It was a success!” – Teacher
“The school staff member, Meg, who assisted the volunteers, brought along dry rice, beans, guajillo pepper and onion, which she displayed on a table in the lunch room. Many kids came over to touch the dry food, ask questions about what it was and where it came from (how it grows). I explained how the dry foods are prepared into the salad they were trying. Many kids identified the pepper right away and were excited to tell me that their family cooked with them at home! I think it really added to the tasting to have a way for the kids to understand and connect with the food they were trying.” – Chef Council Member