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UnBEETable Hummus

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This electric pink recipe was inspired by Wise Acre Eatery, a farm-to-table restaurant in Minneapolis & member of our True Food Chef Council.
Congratulations to Kieran, a 6th grader at Ramsey Middle School who came up with the winning name: UnBEETable Hummus!
  • “The pink color of the beet hummus really drew the kids in--a lot of them had had hummus before but were less familiar with beets, so it was a good way to get them to try a new vegetable combined with a more familiar food (and tortilla chips, a kid favorite).”
  • “The hummus was delicious. In our school where most of our students are Hispanic, they said: This is better than tamales!!!”
  • “It was awesome to show them what a beet is, and pass that around the tables. It really connected with them and showed them what the food looks like (how it can "Look yucky" but then taste good!).”
  • “I think it was the favorite True Food Taste Test of the year. Nearly everyone asked for 2nds!”
  • “My kids loved the beet hummus! They shared their stories with surprises expressions. Thank you!”
  • “My daughter came home from Northrop talking about it. Thanks for the recipe, she has already requested some at home.”