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Taste Test Archive

Red Rice EXPLOSION! Salad


Taste tests on November 12, 13 & 14th were a big success!

Thank you to the 29 participating schools, over 50 volunteers, and 15,000 students who tried the salad. Contratulations to Clark at Lake Harriet Lower Elementary for coming up with the winning name for the dish - Red Rice EXPLOSION! Salad. We'll serve it on our menus going forward.


Recipe Card Home-sized version of the recipe
Taste Test Poster Poster announcing the taste test
Sample Outreach Verbiage P.A. Announcements, Robocall Language, and Newsletter blurbs to help schools spread the word about the taste test
Themed Mini-Lessons Math/Science and English/History lesson ideas and curriculum tie-ins that link to the taste test recipe and ingredients
Everything You Need to Know Info sheet for volunteers, staff or students helping out with the taste test