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Our Staff

Teresa Nelson, Site Supervisor

Teresa Nelson is a Site Supervisor who works with the Site Coordinators at many schools in Minneapolis. She oversees how the operation runs and help trouble shoots any issues that arises. Teresa supports the Coordinators to serve Minneapolis students nutritious and appetizing meals each day. Students in Minneapolis Schools get to start each day with a wonderful breakfast and then go off to learn many wonderful things with a full tummy. They then are able to come for lunch to get more nourishment for the afternoon. Teresa has been in food service for 31 years and has been in school food service for 22 of those years. She started out as a Food Service Worker and worked up to being a Site Supervisor. She was a graduate of Washburn High School where she dated her husband and had two children who also graduated from Minneapolis Schools. In 2014 she was excited to be able to support her own community when she accepted a position for Minneapolis Schools. She enjoys working with such a great staff.