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September 17, 2015


Safe Routes to School Friends,

Is your school on the cool kids list?   THANK YOU     THANK YOU    THANK YOU  to the THIRTY awesome schools that have already signed up for Walk and Bike to School Day. (See the cool kids list.)

Here’s a quick quiz to see if your school is a good candidate to participate in walk and bike to school day?

1) Do you want students to learn more during the school day?  

2) Would you like to build a strong community?

3) Do you care about student wellness?

3) Are there too many cars dropping off at your school?

4) Do you like free stuff?

5) Do you like having fun?

Scoring: Answering yes to one or more questions makes your school a strong candidate for participating in Walk and Bike to School Day. Sign up and MPS SRTS will send you everything you need for a successful event. Staff, parent, students—anyone can sign up your school! Do so by the end of the week to make sure the staff lounge receives the banana bowl.

Register HERE:


More Info | MPS Walk and Bike to School Day | October 7  | Flyers, stickers, Nickelodeon Universe mystery tickets, banana bowl, and more!

October 7 is International Walk to School Day. Minneapolis Public Schools will join families around the world to celebrate the joys and reap the benefits of walking and biking to school. (And If Oct 7 doesn’t work for your school’s walk/bike day, you can choose a day that does.) Events can be as simple as announcing “It’s walk and bike to school day,” and providing I WALKED and I BIKED stickers to walkers and bikers as they arrive. If you register your walk/bike event with MPS SRTS, we’ll send you these stickers, flyers, Nickelodeon Universe mystery tickets, and everything you need for a successful event. Health Partners/My Personal Solution will send a bowl of bananas to the staff lounge if you register by the end of the week. In the fall more than 30 schools, representing more than 6,500 students and staff participated in this event. Don’t let your school be left out.

Register HERE:

Has my school signed up already? Thirty schools (registered by staff, parents, and students)  are on the cool kids list.


Other stuff the cool kids are doing:

·         ANSWER the call of the Surgeon General to Walk (Step It Up!).

·         APPLY for a $2,500 pedestrian MINI GRANT to increase walking.

·         WATCH MPS SRTS on the morning news (and maybe catch a glimpse of yourself).

·         Be INSPIRED by EQUITY and BICYCLES in DC.

·         EXPLORE the new MINNESOTA SRTS Resource Center.

·         Attend OPEN SREETS on Sunday on Nicollet or next Saturday on Lowry.



Farm to School BBQ: September 24, 2015 (more)

MPS WALK/BIKE DAY: October 7, 2015 (International Walk to School Day)

Winter Walk Day:  February 3, 2016. 

The International Winter Cycling Congress: February 2-4, 2016, in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. (more)

Safe Routes to School National Conference: April 5-7, 2016, in Columbus, Ohio (more)

MPS BIKE/WALK DAY: May 4, 2016 (National Bike to School Day)

MPS Safe Routes to School Email List

MPS Safe Routes to School (MPS SRTS) is part of Safe & Healthy Students and is located in Operational & Security Services (OSS). It is funded through grants from the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Safe Routes to School and the Statewide Health Improvement Program.

MPS SRTS sends occasional emails like this one to walk/bike friends, enthusiasts, and champions across Minneapolis Public Schools with bike/walk/wellness information, opportunities, and events. Please email to be added to or removed from this list. Please share as you see fit.