MPS Wellness Week
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MPS Wellness Week 2019

MPS Wellness Week 2019

Minneapolis Public Schools is preparing for its sixth annual wellness week with activities to foster a culture of social, emotional, and physical well-being across the district. 


Meet-up Monday
Reflect the warmth spring brings by starting the week with warm welcomes! Build an inclusive community by taking time to meet-up and connect with one another. (see resources sidebar for SEL toolkit


No Trash Tuesday
No Trash Tuesday is a great opportunity to work on waste reduction and clean-up efforts at your school! Reducing the amount of trash you are producing is just as important as cleaning up trash that has already been produced. Engage in activities that promote waste prevention and diversion of trash to recycling or compost. Clean-up litter in and around your school and learn about being an environmentally responsible citizen. (see resource bar for activity ideas) 
Also on this day--attend a free school garden workshop at 4PM at the Culinary Center. Contact for details.
Wednesday-Friday: True Food Taste Tests in elementary and middle schools featuring ginger-soy pasta salad. Learn more


Bike-Walk-Let's Roll MPS:
School communities across MPS are celebrating the joys and reaping the benefits of biking, walking, and transit with events at arrival or during the school day. More than forty schools have registered events: Check out the list of registered schools
Cancelled: LET’S ROLL MPS
The Let's Roll MPS scheduled for the afternoon of May 8 has been cancelled due to expected heavy, cold rain. Mark your calendars for May 6, 2020, at 3PM, and plan on joining us next year for this fun, easy group bicycle ride in celebration of National Bike to School Day. 


Re-think Your Drink Thursday 
Did you know 46% of added sugar in our diets come from sugar-sweetened beverages? Today, let's re-think our drink and chose water! Try adding lemons, cucumbers, berries or mint to make your water delicious. (see resource bar to learn more about healthier options) 


Fun Friday
Walk, dance, exercise or do an activity that moves you. The goal today is to be well and have fun!