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MPS to Integrate Urban Farm on a Community-Wide Level
Wednesday, August 17, 2016 1:35 PM

The Minneapolis school district is on its way to doing something unlike any district in the country.
It's an urban farm concept that would involve more than students and teachers.
As he walks the rows of kale and cabbage in the garden outside Nellie Stone Johnson Elementary School in north Minneapolis, Bertrand Weber can't help but dream about what this site could soon look like.
"We have the land, it's in a great area of the city that really needs the community engagement," says Weber, the Director of Culinary and Wellness Services with Minneapolis Public Schools.
Weber's urban farm vision incorporates students and teachers, but also neighborhoods, non-profits, businesses and colleges.
Building education around farming.
"It takes more than just books for a child to learn, it takes for them to appreciate their food, have healthy food, to feel safe and have active living," says Weber.