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Our Staff

Kollin Leisinger, Graphic Artist

Bringing a vision to our mission.
My origins lie in the far reaching fields of rural South Dakota. It was there that I spent the first 19 years of my life cultivating a passion for art and its many forms. I then travelled here to Minneapolis to attend school and pursue that interest even further. With a degree in Computer Animation I proceeded to find new and exciting opportunities in graphic design and other related fields. I then had the opportunity to work part time with our director, Bertrand Weber, to help launch True Food in Minneapolis Public Schools. That was over 5 years ago. We continue to innovate and make True Food accessible across the district.
My family is passionate about food and feeding people across the metro and the world. We support local farmers and purchase as much local food as we can. We belong to a local CSA, we purchase our beef directly from a small family farm, and are members of several local co-ops.
I believe in True Food for every one.