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Great Lakes Apple Crunch
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Great Lakes Apple Crunch

Great Lakes Apple Crunch

Minnesota Great Apple CRUNCH! - October 12, 2023

The Minnesota Great Apple CRUNCH! is a regional event held each October to celebrate National Farm to School Month. Schools, universities, businesses, and families across Minnesota and the Great Lakes Region collectively CRUNCH! into local apples. Minneapolis Public Schools is excited to celebrate the annual  Minnesota Great Apple CRUNCH! in our cafeterias and classrooms this year.
All students, classes and families are invited to join in the celebration by doing an APPLE CRUNCH COUNTDOWN on October 12th at NOON (or at another time) with folks all across the state and Great Lakes region. Locally grown KinderKrisp apples will be served in all cafeterias on Thursday October 12. These beauties from Gilchrist Orchards of Buffalo, MN are not to be missed! Parents and caregivers - remember that every student receives one complete breakfast and one complete lunch at no cost, every day. On October 12, lunch will include KinderKrisp apples.


Crunch into local apples by doing an Apple Crunch Countdown! It's as easy as it sounds -- start a countdown and end it by CRUNCHING into a local apple! Here are ways that MPS schools and families can conduct Apple Crunch Countdowns:
As a school -- School communities can host a school-wide event for students and staff to crunch together.  This could be at noon on October 12th (when other folks around the region when will be crunching) or at another time that is convenient for your school (ie. morning/afternoon break or end of school day).
As a class -- Individual classes can do a CRUNCH countdown together. Pick a time that fits with your class schedule to do your CRUNCH, or coordinate with other classes at your school to all crunch at the same time!
As a Family -- MPS families are invited to celebrate the Great Lakes Apple CRUNCH by crunching into local apples at home, together! Minnesota Grown is a great place to search for local apples near you. See the sidebar for more ways to participate as a family.
On Your Own -- it is as simple as counting down and CRUNCHING into your local apple!
PDF Minnesota Crunch Guide for K-12 Schools   --  Guide and resources for conducting the Great Lakes Apple Crunch at a K-12 school.