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Minneapolis Walk Bike Mapping Project

Minneapolis Walk Bike Mapping Project

The City of Minneapolis Public Works Department is leading a city-wide walk and bike to school (& parks & libraries) mapping project. Working with MPS Safe Routes to School, the City identified routes to school based on these criteria. Input is now being sought from school principals and the SRTS workgroup on the identified routes.

Your feedback is also welcomed. Please review the draft of the Walk & Bike Map, examining the identified routes to your school. (Zoom into your school area by using the zoom (+) tool at the bottom center of the map. Identified walk/bike routes are in blue.) Then provide feedback on potential issues or concerns. Supportive comments are also welcome. Submit your feedback to Please identify your school community and your role in that community.

More Information about the Map:

The map will be

  • Two feet by three feet, foldable to standard nine inch by four inch.
  • Reviewed by neighborhood groups, members of the SRTS workgroup which includes representatives from the Minneapolis Police Department, the Minneapolis Health Department and the Minneapolis Park Board and the following MPS Departments: EMSS, Transportation, Student Support Services and Community Education.
  • Produced Hedberg Maps, by the same group that produced the Minneapolis Bicycle Map.

The Route Side

  • Identifes the easiest way to and from schools, parks, and libraries (language from map).
  • Serves as a planning tool for Public Works as infrastructure projects are identified and prioritized.

The Back Side

  • Integrates targeted messages aimed at parents/adults that persuade caregivers to choose walking and biking.
  • Provides safety tips/information ideally translated into Spanish, Hmong & Somali.