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Our DCD students have jobs and 1 favorite job is delivering the fruits and vegetables (DC Delivery -- Dependable Crop Delivery) to classrooms. We practiced peeling, cutting pre-cut slices with a plastic knife (fine-motor), learning about how the food was grown (science), and making salads and smoothies (life skills). We played 20 questions by hiding the food in a brown bag and guessing (language/cognition). So your program benefitted our students nutritionally and beyond. Thank you from all of us.
We eat in a circle at the end of the day. We are sharing compliments and favorite parts of the day. Once one person is excited by the FFV of the day everyone else gets excited too! We have shared our favorite ways to eat things too.
I've seen almost the entire class write off trying a snack until one student tries it, reports back to their peers, and voila, they're all eating something they "eew-ed" over just a minute earlier.
Many of my picky
beginning of the year eaters learned to love at least 80% of the snacks as they witnessed us adults eating them time and time again. I talked about how fruits and vegetables build brain power while protein, milk, and carbs build muscle and bone power. They did not want to miss out on either power.
Students in my room got a sticker when they tried or ate the fruit or vegetable and this was the greatest formy of encouragement for students to try and eat the fruits and vegetables.
Our students at Bethune are eager to try many new things for snack. I don't have a specific story, but in general I think this program is fantastic for exposing students on the north side to fruits and veggies they would not otherwise have access to.
When FFVP started a couple or three years ago, students were often reluctant to eat vegetables especially, and usually wanted sauce to dip them in. Now they eat them regularly. Students are hungry and are glad for the FFVP.