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Fresh Fruit & Vegetable
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Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program
The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) is a federal grant program that provides fresh fruit or vegetable snacks to students in the classroom at qualifying K-8 schools. It’s a great way to get students excited about eating healthy and trying new fruits & vegetables. 

2020-2021 School Year

FFVP returned in January 2021 and all youth 18 & under are able to participate! Starting January 5, all free meal boxes for youth will include a Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program (FFVP) bag with a special fruit or vegetable for the week and an educational handout. The FFVP item will change each week to provide youth with the opportunity to try a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Click here for the January FFVP Menu + Activities 

January 19-22: Kiwano (Horned Melon) 

Are you ready to try something exciting this week?! Kiwanos are fun and funky looking fruit covered in horn-like spines – which give the fruit their nickname of horned melon. The fruit originated from the Kalahari Desert in Africa and are adapted to warm, dry climates. The fruit’s inner flesh, which contains edible seeds, is very hydrating and high in protein compared to other fruit. People have compared the taste of kiwano to kiwi, banana, and even cucumber! What do you think your kiwano tastes like?

To store and eat your kiwano: Store kiwanos at room temperature. Kiwanos are ripe and ready to eat when bright golden orange. To eat, cut off spikes and slice into rounds (the skin and seeds are edible) or cut in half and spoon out aloe-like inside.


Learn more about kiwanos: