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Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)
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Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)

CEP Frequently Asked Questions

Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)
What is CEP?
CEP is a non-pricing meal service option available for schools in qualifying areas. CEP allows ALL enrolled students to receive breakfast and lunch at no cost.
Do staff and teachers get to eat at no cost too?
No – meals are available at no cost only to enrolled STUDENTS at your school. Staff may purchase meals in the cafeteria.
Do families still need to fill out a “Free and Reduced Lunch Form"?
YES! All families are still required to fill out an Application for Educational Benefits (formerly known as the Free and Reduced Lunch form). 
If students are all receiving free meals, why do families still need to fill out the application?
A big part of the school budget is dependent on the number of qualifying Applications for Education Benefits we receive each year. That is why it is so important that families complete the form EVERY year. The funding we get from qualifying forms can be used for additional teachers or staff members, instructional materials - even new technology equipment! Qualifying families that complete the form can also receive additional benefits – reduced or free athletic fees, ACT testing fees, college application fees, etc.
Some families think they make too much money to fill out the Application for Educational Benefits. What about them?
Please complete the applications with student name(s) and ID number(s) and then check the “I do not want to participate in Free and Reduced Price Meals” box. This will indicate to our system that they have replied. No further information is needed.
Is a social security number required to complete the Application for Educational Benefits?
No! Please check the box that says “Check if no SSN” if adults in the home do not have a social security number. Information provided on this form is protected and used strictly for eligibility purposes and is not shared with any other programs. 
What if students only want to purchase a single item – like a milk or an entrée?
CEP requires that only complete meals be served at no-cost. We encourage students and families to take advantage of this by planning accordingly. Individual items may be purchase a la carte, but please note that your student’s accounts will be charged if they do not take a complete meal.
Some families have already deposited money in their students’ meal accounts. Can they request a refund?
Yes! Please email info.cws@mpls.k12.mn.us to process a refund.