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Biking Education
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Safe Biking Education

Safe Biking Education

Please also check out the MPS Teacher Resources page for information about the Walk! Bike! Fun! curriculum. 

Bike Safe. Bike Smart. This entertaining, yet instructional, nine-minute bicycle safety video from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration uses a visually stimulating, peer-to-peer approach to teach elementary and middle school age audiences how to Bike Safe. Bike Smart. Viewers will learn about the rules of the road, signaling, riding at night, safe riding practices, and risky behaviors that they should avoid, and tips for purchasing and correctly fitting a bicycle helmet.

The City of Minneapolis provides extensive bicycle resources on its website Bicycling in Minneapolis. The Office of the Revisor of Statutes provides Minnesota Bicycle Laws (Statute 169.222) in full.

PDF Helping Your Child Be a Safe Bicyclist   --  This handout from National Center for Safe Routes to School speaks to parents helping them prepare their children to be safe bicyclists.
PDF Ayudando a Su Hijo a Ser un Ciclista Seguro   --  El montar en bicicleta es una manera divertida y saludable de pasar el tiempo con su hijo(a) y la mejor manera de evaluar las habilidades en bicicleta de su hijo(a). Considere los siguientes tres pasos antes de que su hijo monte en bicicleta para ir a la escuela.
PDF Kids and Bike Safety (English)   --  This two-sided handout from the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration is great to distribute at bike safety events or before bike-to-school days.
PDF Kids and Bike Safety (Spanish)   --  Los niños y su seguridad al montar en bicicleta: Montar en bicicleta es divertido y saludable, y permite ser independiente. Pero hay que recordar que la bicicleta no es un juguete. ¡Es un vehículo!
PDF Bike Helmet Fit (English)   --  This two-sided handout is great to have on hand at bike safety events. It gives step by step directions on how to properly fit a bicycle helmet.
PDF Bike Helmet Fit (Spanish)   --  Consejos y pasos para el uso debido del casco para montar bicicleta: Para montar bicicleta de forma segura, no basta tener un casco. Es muy importante.
PDF The ABC Quickcheck   --  Ready to ride--start with your abc's.
PDF Ride Your Bike Safely   --  This handout from National Center for Safe Routes to School provides guidance to kids who are ready to ride on their own.
PDF mps_series_field_trip_form.pdf   --  Use the standard MPS field trip form when biking when students off school grounds.
PDF mps_simple_field_trip_form.pdf   --  Use the standard MPS field trip form when biking with students off school grounds.
document student_bicycle_ride_contract.doc   --  This contract can be used when biking with students off school grounds.
PDF bicycle_equipment.pdf   --  This handout provides a suggested list of bicycles and equipment for a bicycle fleet.
PDF Bicycle First Aid   --  Make your own bicycle first aid kit: Laminate this handout and add your school's and other important phone numbers. Put it in a water bottle with the supplies listed on the sheet. Carry it in the bicycle bottle holder. Presto! A Bicycle First Aid Kit!