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About Farm to School

About Farm to School
Did you know that MPS serves local food in our school meals? It’s a win-win – we support our neighboring farmers, and our kids love the fresh, flavorful food!  Check out this Farm to School Fact Sheet and a Farm to School 101 Webinar featuring our district.
MPS' farm to school program has three main components:
  1. Local Food – MPS sources as much fresh produce from local farms as well as local products like baked goods and meats. We distinguish between:
    • Local - grown within 200 miles of the Twin Cities
    • Farm to School - grown by a small to mid-sized farmers using sustainable growing methods, typically within 100 miles of the Twin Cities
  2. Food Education – We work with partners to provide hands-on opportunities for students to learn about food, nutrition and agriculture.  We:
    • Host special events and promotions, like Minnesota Thursdays
    • Conduct taste tests of fresh, flavorful new items
    • Spread the word about farm to school items and partners on our menus and outreach materials
    • Bring our farmer partners into school classrooms and cafeterias
    • Support school gardens, and envision an MPS Urban Farm to engage students in food, farming and nutrition education
  3. Community Engagement – We partner with nonprofit organizations, businesses, families and community members to assure that our farm to school program is rooted in the community.  We:
MPS Culinary & Nutrition Services prides itself on working closely with both local and national farm to school partners. If you are interested in working with us, please contact our Farm to School Coordinator.