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Wellness Policy
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Wellness Policy 6690
Wellness Policy 6690

The MPS Board of Education approved Wellness Policy 6690 at its June 13 meeting. The updated policy bring us into compliance with federal guidelines regarding student and staff wellness and includes the following requirements: schools must provide unrestricted access to potable water during meal periods for students; all foods offeredor sold during the school day must meet Smart Snacks standards; and more. In addition, it requires all elementary schools to provide a cumulative total of 30 minutes of daily recess for students. Building leaders will be responsible for implementing these policies, and there will be ongoing reviews to ensure the district remains in compliance.  For questions, contact Julie Danzl at Julie.Danzl@mpls.k12.mn.us.    

The final policy and regulations will be available soon; draft copies are available below.

DRAFT Wellness Policy 6690, (last updated 4-20-17)

The  links below summarize changes to the current MPS Wellness Policy 6690. These summaries were prepared prior to the MPS Board of Education Policy Committee meeting on April 19, where the draft of the Wellness Policy was amended. 

Wellness Policy changes for K–5 schools

Wellness Policy changes for K–8 schools

Wellness Policy changes for 6–8 schools

Wellness Policy changes for high schools