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True Food Chef Council
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True Food Chef Council
True Food Chef Council
The True Food Chef Council is a partnership between MPS’ Culinary & Nutrition Services department and the Minneapolis restaurant/culinary community to help promote and endorse the changes underway in MPS school meals.  Some of Minneapolis’ top chefs and restaurateurs are helping to:
  • Directly engage with students in school cafeterias and at special events (True Food Taste Tests, for example)
  • Spread awareness about the changes underway in Minneapolis Public School lunchrooms
  • Generate support from customers through promotions & special events
  • Create and endorse new school Recipes
Some of the restaurants also feature MPS school meal recipes on their children's menus!
True Food Chef Council News
  • Chefs participated in a Junior Iron Chef competition in May 2015.
  • The Northeaster newspaper describes the True Food Chef Council’s role in the 3rd annual Farm to School Community BBQ (page 10).
  • Jason DeRusha profiles the True Food Chef Council and describes their efforts to raise money for salad bars in MPS schools on DeRusha Eats.
  • Members of the True Food Chef Council visit Patrick Henry High School for lunch.
  • Chef’s Night Off, a cooking class at Chef Council member organization Kitchen in the Market, will donate proceeds from all 2014 cooking classes towards efforts to install more salad bars in MPS schools.
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