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The Sheridan Story: Fighting Child Hunger
Wednesday, October 30, 2013 10:45 AM

The Sheridan Story exists to fight child hunger through community and school partnerships.

Thankfully, children living in food insecurity are often able to participate in the Minneapolis Public Schools’ free or reduced food programs during the week, when they are at school. However, the weekend presents a gap in nutrition, when food is often not available at home. Teachers report poor performance and lack of attention on Monday mornings, until the kids are able to receive food at school and subsequently are able to recover from the lack of nutrition over the weekend. Children who participate in The Sheridan Story have a consistent source of nutrition through the weekends.

The Sheridan Story leverages an innovative approach to fighting child hunger. They develop and support successful partnerships between sponsoring community organizations and schools. Meanwhile, they manage the operations of the weekend food program such as sourcing, inventory management, packing events, storage and delivery of the food, in partnership with the Minneapolis Public Schools Culinary and Nutrition Center. The Sheridan Story's role allows community groups to fight child hunger through a program they would otherwise be unable to manage logistically. This partnership-based model positions The Sheridan Story to make a broad and sustained impact in the fight against child hunger in our community.

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