True Food Taste Tests
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True Food Taste Tests

True Food Taste Tests
True Food Taste Tests expose students to new, flavorful recipes and encourage them to think critically about their food. Student leaders and volunteers offer samples during lunch three times each year at all interested elementary and middle schools. Learn more in this Taste Test One-Pager.
The next True Food Taste is scheduled for May 9th - 11th, during MPS Spring Wellness Week. Students and staff will have the opportunity to try....

Chana Masala

Made with chick peas, tomatoes, and a blend of Indian spices! 
Interested in volunteering?
We love help from community volunteers for our True Food Taste Tests! Taste Test happen during lunch, so volunteers typically need to be availble between 10:30am and 1:30pm. If you are interested in volunteering for our Chana Masala Taste Test in May, or just being added to our volunteer email list, please email
Recipe Ingredients and instructions 
Poster You might see these hanging up at taste test schools!
Outreach Language Copy and paste a sample newsletter blurb, PA announcement, and more! --coming soon!
Math/Science Worksheet Themed lessons tied to the taste test item --coming soon!
English/Social Studies Worksheet Themed lessons tied to the taste test item --coming soon!
Everything You Need to Know  A cheat-sheet for schools and volunteers about the taste test --coming soon!
In November, students taste tests a KID KIMCHI--made with locally sourced kohlrabi, purple daikon radishes, and carrots. This kimchi didn't have your normal "Minnesota nice" spice, but MPS students proved themselves to be adventurous taste testers and many students were asking for more! Read the Star Tribune's ARTICLE to learn more about this recent taste test. 
“It’s really meant to be exposing our students to new flavors and creating a positive environment where they can be adventurous eaters and take risks, and just think really critically about what they’re eating,” said Kate Seybold, the district’s Farm to School coordinator.
Thank you to the Wedge and Linden Hills Co-op for sponsoring our True Food Taste Tests!
“I love that it introduces real foods to the kids-it's a fun way to engage with the kids about healthy eating and creative thinking."
"I appreciate the opportunity for kids to try things they may not have a chance to at home. One of the students tried it, and told me he was thinking of going to a culinary school to be a chef, so he wants to try all different foods."
"It was a fun, simple way to introduce new flavors to the kids, and it was very low-stakes, so the kids felt comfortable accepting or declining the new food item."
Check out the Taste Test Archive for info on our past taste tests.
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