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Schools That Are Getting It Right
Monday, July 20, 2015 9:55 AM

Minneapolis Public School District - Harnessing Student Support (Minneapolis, MN
Under the leadership of Bertrand Weber, the Minneapolis Public School District’s meal program has gone from zero to hero in less than three years. Through innovative financing reform and centralized kitchen transformations, Weber and his team have increased participation over 10% and instituted a brand-new breakfast program in 20 schools. But the real success in Weber’s program lies in his efforts to garner student support. Weber showed his interest in student involvement when he re-named his entire campaign “True Food” after the student-inspired nickname “True Food Thursdays,” which were the designated days where students would taste-test new recipes and make decisions on whether or not they would make the cut. Weber’s philosophy centers on the power of the kids themselves: their voices, their opinions, and their influence. In his words, “you can not manage from an office, you have to be in the school, you have to be where the kids are.”