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Nutrition Services Directors Deserve Our Thanks!
Thursday, December 04, 2014 4:10 PM

Before I met Ann Copper, I didn’t really consider the importance of a school nutrition service director (or “lunch lady” as I had always thought of it). I was too busy raising my kids— making sure I squeezed in a fresh fruit or veg at every meal—and trying to spread the word about healthy eating to other Moms.
I was also fighting the sustainable food fight in my community, but I truly looked at school food as a lost cause. The school food “brand” that I had experienced when I was in school definitely didn’t speak to me. As someone who loved good food, I couldn’t see how school food would/could ever play in the good food arena. What I never considered was: WHAT IF? What if there were people leading school food programs that cared as much about food as the owner of the new chic, farm to table café that I was obsessed with? Wow! If we actually had people who were leading school food service teams that really cared about food, how it was prepared, how it was sourced, how healthy it was, and how it tasted…think of how things could be different. We could actually work with kids to start creating awareness, affinity, and value for good food.
I truly believe that in our current health crisis there is no job more important than that of a school nutrition service director. There is an average of 500 kids per school with anywhere from 1-100 schools in a district, if a school food service director is committed to helping kids value, understand, and eat better food, think of the impact they can have...READ MORE