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MPS Wellness Week
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MPS Wellness Week: May 8 - 12
MPS Wellness Week: May 8 - 12


MONDAY Mindful Monday / Jr. Iron Chef: Enjoy coloring, meditation or a relaxing activity on your break. Classroom teachers can also find a Mindfulness Lesson Plan in the resources sidebar that can be adapted to any grade. In the evening, cheer on students at our third annual Jr. Iron Chef competition at the Solar Arts Building from 5:30-7:30. Four chefs from the True Food Chef Council and eight MPS middle school students will team up to compete “Top Chef” style for a panel of judges. This free community event kicks off MPS’ fourth annual Wellness Week. LEARN MORE 

TUESDAY Try It Tuesday: Try a new recipe, try a new mode of transportation or try a new activity!  No matter what you choose, take a day to celebrate your health and well-being and try something new!  The students at the twenty-four schools participating in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program will be trying mango today, and farm-to-school beets are on the menu at many MPS schools. 

WEDNESDAY Bike-Walk-Let's Roll MPS: School communities across MPS are celebrating the joys and reaping the benefits of biking, walking, and transit with events at arrival or during the school day. MORE THAN 40 SCHOOLS  ARE HOSTING EVENTS ! ANOTHER RECORD-BREAKING YEAR! THANK YOU to the staff, parents, and students who are leading this event for their schools and to MPS community friends and partners who support these efforts. IS MY SCHOOL SIGNED UP?  

Sue Lundgren Adapted Bike Day: Students from across the Minneapolis Public Schools will be riding bikes on the Washburn High School track all day on May 10 & May 11. LEARN MORE about this fantastic event. 

The Let's Roll MPS is a fun, easy group bicycle ride in celebration of National Bike to School Day. Everyone is invited: staff, students, families, and community members. 
MAY 10, 2017, 3PM, 812 Plymouth Avenue North
Are you bring a school group? Let's Roll MPS student permission slip


THURSDAY Minnesota Thursday & Rethink Your Drink: Shake-up your sugar intake!  Rethink Your Drink provides the opportunity for students and staff to replace their sugary beverages with fruit-infused water. High School students will also have the opportunity to sample fruit infused water flavors during their lunch hour.  

FRIDAY Fun Friday: Walk, dance, exercise or do an activity that moves you. The goal today is to be well and have fun!