Minnesota Thursdays
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Minnesota Thursdays

Minnesota Thursdays
Minnesota Thursdays
Since 2014 we have served an entirely locally-sourced meal on one Thursday every month at all Minneapolis Public Schools!
It's a way to highlight our Farm to School program, support the local food economy and offer students fresh, seasonal options. 

Our next Minnesota Thursdays lunch is April 11, 2019

Chef Shack Nachos made with...
Free Range Turkey | Ferndale Market (Cannon Falls, MN)
Tortilla Chips | Barrel o Fun (Perham, MN)
Salsa | Salsa Lisa (Minneapolis, MN)
Fresh Farm to School Carrots | Open Hands Farm (Northfield, MN)
Local Dessert | Made in Minnesota


Each month, MPS Culinary & Wellness Services prepares new promotional materials, outreach langauge, and lesson plans to help your school celebrate the upcoming MN Thursday! 

  • Minnesota Thursdays Poster --coming soon!
  • Outreach Language Newsletter blurb and P.A./lunchroom announcement 
  • Worksheet Fun facts and activities for students about the meal 

Past MN Thursday Menus

Here is what a school year of seasonal eating in Minnesota can look like! 

2017-2018 MN Thursday Menus:
September | Grass Fed Beef Hot Dog with Corn on the Cob and Watermelon
October | BBQ Chicken Drumstick with Potato Salad and Braised Kale
November | Wild Rice & Turkey Meatloaf with Mash Potatoes and Roasted Rutabaga and Carrots 
December | Jr Iron Chef Turkey Chili with Cornbread, Coleslaw, and Sweet Potato Wedges
January | Roast Beef with Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Carrots & Parsnips
February | Brasa's Curried Chicken Bowl with Carrots & Potatoes, and Beet Salad 
March | Chef Shack Turkey Nachos and Beauty Heart Radishes
April | Jr Iron Chef BBQ Rubbed Chicken with Dirty Grain Blend and Gingered Radish Salad
May | Jr Iron Chef Turkey Tostada with Farro
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