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Do translate materials and use inclusive language in promotions. Connect with bilingual staff and special education staff.

Do include high school transit users in your celebrations. Did you know transit users take about 30% more steps a day, are 44% less likely to be overweight, and are 34% less likely to have diabetes?

Here are a few ideas for including more students and students who ride the yellow bus in Walk/Bike day events where students can receive the I WALKED sticker and take part in drawings/other festivities celebrating the day. 
1) Students could describe a walk, write a poem about walking or biking, or draw a picture of a favorite walk. These could be posted in a hallway.
2) Students could walk a route at recess.
3) Students could walk around the block when the buses arrive at school. This option takes planning and needs staff or volunteers along the route.
4) A classroom could organize a a neighborhood walk or biking field trip.
5) Organize a Bus Stop & Walk where all the yellow buses drop off about a half mile from school and students walk along a route together to school. Contact MPS SRTS for assistance.