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Great Lakes Apple Crunch
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Great Lakes Apple Crunch
Great Lakes Apple Crunch
Minneapolis Public Schools is participating in the Great Lakes Great Apple CRUNCH on Thursday, October 13th to celebrate National Farm to School Month!
On that day local apples will be served in lunchrooms across the district and students at FFVP sites will receive a local apple for their FFVP snack. Our local apples will be coming from Wescott Orchards in Elgin, MN.
Watch this brief video to hear from Minnesota Grown Spokesperson Carrie Tollefson and 4th graders at Lucy Laney Elementary School about how to conduct the Great Lakes Apple CRUNCH at your school!

Step 1: Prepare for the CRUNCH!

  • Watch the video above with your staff and students and plan your Apple CRUNCH Countdown!
  • Decide if your school will participate during lunch or as part of FFVP, then submit this participation form!
  • Mention the CRUNCH on your school’s website, the billboard out front, school newsletter, etc.
  • Start a countdown over the loudspeaker, in the lunchroom,  in an assembly, or in your classroom
  • CRUNCH into the apples together!

Step 2: Reflect & Learn!

  • Use your senses - What flavors did you taste in the apple?  Tangy, sweet, sour, tart? 
  • What was the texture? Crisp, crunchy, juicy, soft?  What noise did the CRUNCH remind you of?
  • Tasting can be an educational experience that ties into classroom learning!
Click here for links to more curriculum tie-ins and resources.

Step 3: Share Your Story!

Share with others across the Great Lakes Region as we CRUNCH into local apples together!  If students have signed media releases on file, share a photo or video on Facebook or Twitter using #MPSapplecrunch. Reflect on the CRUNCH in your newsletter or announcements.
For more information, visit our FFVP page or contact Kate Seybold at kate.seybold@mpls.k12.mn.us or 612-668-2854.