Fresh Fruit & Vegetable

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program
The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) is a federal grant program that provides a fresh fruit or vegetable snack to all students in qualifying K-8 schools. It’s a great way to get students excited about eating healthy and trying new fruits & vegetables. Learn more
Twenty-four MPS schools participate in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (see right for list of schools). Each month, FFVP snacks include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including Farm to School produce and interesting/uncommon items that may be new to students! 

FFVP: December 2018 

December Menu & Newsletter 

December's FFVP Theme is TRY IT TUESDAYS. Every week, students will get to try an interesting or unique produce item! The TRY IT TUESDAY this month include:

  • Pomagranate Arils
  • Grapefruit
  • Persimmons

FFVP Education 

Make FFVP snack time count with just a few minutes of classroom time! Promote healthy and adventurous eating habits, encourage students to think critically about food (beyond whether they LIKE or DISLIKE it) and learn together about the fruits or vegetables that you’re eating.

Educational Resources

Additional Program Information


Please contact Kate Seybold, Farm to School Coordinator, for more information.


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